Case Study

B&P Medical

B&P Medical Inc. is a specialist surgical instrument repair company based out of Virginia and North Carolina.


Founded in 2015 by Butch and Penny Kirmes, they combined their strengths, experience, and knowledge to create a more personalised surgical repair service experience to surgical facilities in the area.


As a company which is constantly evolving and rapidly expanding, B&P Medical Inc. strives to adopt the most cutting-edge technologies and processes which allow them to expand both their expertise and services. The technologies chosen to support B&P include Microsoft office suite and Xero.

The Challenge

The highly mobile B&P Medical technical services team primarily focuses on repairing general, micro, and endoscopic instrumentation. Scheduled visits are in place for most of their clients, however in most cases the details of what services they provide are not known until they arrive on site.

At site, the technicians work from their laptops leveraging the Microsoft office suite of tools to keep track of each instrument they service with individual annotations. The result is that there can easily be up to 100 records associated with each site visit.

Prior to leaving the site, technicians will present customers with a document which contains the details of all services performed as well as the localised tax.


While the Technician and the customer experience was optimised, the back-office operations to support them were quite manual. The site documents were copied to a shared drive by the Technicians and from there an admin resource was required to manually copy and paste details into Xero so that there was a Xero invoice available for reconciliation of the invoice payment.


B&P Medical required an automated process which could help overcome challenges with moving data from Microsoft through to Xero. A streamlined solution would allow B&P to get all required reporting from Xero as well as expand operations without needing to grow their operational support team.


Medical – Surgical Instrument Repair

HQ Location

North Carolina, USA

Our Involvement

Xero Invoices Integration

Xero Contacts Integration

Xero Tax Rates Integration

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Azure Functions

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Key Vaults

Microsoft Graph API


AhoyAhoy Approach

B&P Medical discovered AhoyAhoy through the Xero App Store Custom Integration section. Even though B&P Medical is based in North Carolina, USA, working with AhoyAhoy, a Xero Certified Development Partner in Australia was easy.

Step 1

AhoyAhoy and B&P Medical had an online call to get a good understanding of the detailed requirements and overall goals. What was the form of the document produced on site? How did B&P want to see the information coming into Xero? What special tax considerations were there? What was their preference for operating the software ongoing? What was their preference for owning or renting the software? What was their preference for fixed price vs hourly development?

In this case, B&P Medical wanted to own the solution and wanted it hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud service, as the rest of their services were already cloud based with Microsoft. Even though they didn’t have an internal software development capability, they were happy to know that they would receive all of the finished code for the software along with instructions for operating the system. This gives them flexibility to work with AhoyAhoy or any other software developer in the future should the need arise.

Step 2

AhoyAhoy prepared a detailed proposal including a fixed price proposal that provided an outline of the approach, the feature, expectations from B&P Medical and from AhoyAhoy, along with a simple payment schedule based on delivery milestones. B&P Medical signed the agreement and work was underway quickly.

Step 3

AhoyAhoy utilises an iterative software development approach – this means that our clients get to see features and functionality regularly during the development, rather than waiting until the end of the project. AhoyAhoy assisted B&P Medical to set up a Microsoft Azure account and a Xero Developer account, then delivered a basic working version of the system quickly that was connected to a test Xero account. This meant that B&P Medical could quickly experiment and evolve their requirements as the development progressed – this included the addition of tracking categories for items on the invoices for more detailed reporting.

Step 4

When the system was finished and fully integrated into the B&P Medical process the system was run in parallel with the manual process to make sure the results were consistent. Next the system was switched over to the production B&P Medical Xero account to finalise the project.

The Results

5 Hours

Time saved each week

6 Weeks

Time to Implement

This process saves us almost an hour per day of manual processing time. Communication and their expertise exceeded our expectations throughout the entire project. The automation has worked seamlessly since completion. We highly recommend working with AhoyAhoy for all your integration, automation needs.

Penny Kirmes

B&P Medical