Why we're different

AhoyAhoy is an independent technology consulting business operated by its principal, Nathan Harper. The business draws on Nathan’s experience as a global CTO over a 10 year period focussing on product development, technology strategy, merger & acquisition due diligence, publishing technology, technology architecture, large scale e-commerce, software-as-a-service and technology infrastructure consolidation.

We're based in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. We have a strong team of UOW student resources (2nd & 3rd year Computing Science + UI/UX design students) that we combine with an experienced app development team responsible for generating hundreds of thousands of downloads globally. Our mission is to stop the brain-drain associated with offshoring technical development, and support our next generation of technical resources.

We take a holistic approach to the product development process - working with our clients to develop and optimise their products, rather than just "cutting code".

Development Capabilities

Mobile - rather than focussing on native development, our experience has shown that efficiency can be achieved with the use of good quality cross platform development tools. We have strong experience in CoronaSDK for games and business apps, along with React Native & Flutter for business apps, making extensive use of the SQLite database. We have extensive experience with the testing, deployment and ongoing management of mobile assets through Apple & Google app stores.

Web - our development of web applications has been in React.js and the Microsoft .Net stack. This work has varied from greenfield development to the ongoing support & development of legacy platforms. We have extensive experience with API integration, including with Australian government authorities (ASIC, ATO), payment providers (Stripe) & financial software providers (Xero Custom Integration Partner).

Back End - we have experience building server-side API functionality for both mobile and web properties in both traditional formats (Node.js .Net), along with serverless compute services such as AWS Lambda & Azure Functions (flexibility to run Node.js, Python, Java or C#) and other cloud based services (such as SMS gateways & document transformation services). We have worked with traditional relational databases (MS SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, etc), along with noSQL databases such as DynamoDB and SimpleDB.

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